First Aid Guide For Fractures and Broken Bones

It is always good to know what to do in a situation where people are hurt or are in pain. When it comes to fractures, here is a First Aid Guide For Fractures and Broken Bones that will help you deal with a situation when you come across one. Fractures are basically breaks in the bone. They need to be attended to by a qualified healthcare professionally. In case the break in the bone has happened due to a major accident or some major injury, you need to call up the local emergency services. You also need to do this in the below given scenarios:
First Aid Guide For Fractures and Broken Bones

First Aid Guide For Fractures and Broken Bones

  • The injured person is not responding to any stimulus of any sort
  • The injured person is not breathing or even moving. In such cases you need to start CPR if you find that there is no heartbeat or breathing
  • In case the bleeding is quite in excess
  • In case the injured person complains of intense pain even with the slightest and the most gentle of touches or movements
  • In case the limb or the joint that you suspect is fractured looks really out of shape or distorted
  • In case the bone appears to have penetrated the skin
  • In case the tip of the injured hand or leg like the tip of the finger or thumb or the toe on the feet looks a little blue at the edge
  • If you suspect that the bone is broken in the head, the back or the neck
  • If you feel that the bone is broken off at the hip or the pelvis or the upper portion of your leg. You may notice that the foot or toe is turned in the wrong direction

In any case, you should not move the person who is injured. This may cause the injury to become even worse. You can do the following when you come across people in any of the above situations, even as you wait for medical help to reach the spot:

  • Try and stop the flow of blood. Apply some gentle pressure on the wound using a sterile bandage or a clean piece of clothing. Ensure that the cloth that you use is really clean.
  • Stop the injured portion from moving. In any situation do not try to adjust things like realigning the bone or pushing a bone that is jutting out by yourself. In case you have some training in this area and know how to splint and expert assistance is not immediately accessible, then apply a splint to the area beneath and above the area that is fractured. Adding pads to the splint will make the person more comfortable.
  • You can also apply packs of ice so that there is not much swelling. It will also help in alleviating the pain and discomfort till such time that the emergency help can come. Do not apply ice on the skin directly. Make sure to wrap the ice before applying it. You can use a clean towel or bit of cloth or some other material to do this.
  • Provide some treatment in case of shock. If the person injured is feeling giddy, faint or is breathing sharp, short and quick breaths, then make the person lie down. Make sure that the head is slightly at a level lesser than the trunk. Also if possible elevate the legs.

This is just some basic stuff that you can do when you come across a person suffering from a fracture. But the prudent thing would be to seek the help of experts who are well versed in such situations. Another tip for such situations is to maintain a calm and cool demeanor and deal with things in a serene manner.