Find Out Which Are The Worst Foods That You Can Eat – Shocking Revelation About Favorite Foods!

They say that everything you eat is okay as long as it is in moderation. This statement is not really true. There are some foods that are so bad that you should try and avoid them totally. It is not just because of the fact that they have no value nutritionally speaking but they actually fill your body with toxic stuff. Here is a list of some of them

Doughnuts: These are made of white, refined flour and sugar and what is more they are deep fried. Most the varieties have trans fat in them. This means empty calories and also the chance of bumping up your bad LDL cholesterol and pushing your healthy HDL cholesterol down. Increased consumption of these kind of food has been linked to heart problems. What is more these are cooked at really high heat making them form harmful cancer causing substances like acrylamide. Normally people in America think of a donut as something to be had as a quick fix for breakfast. Actually it may be the worst thing to do as it imbalances the sugar levels in blood and makes you hungry very soon.

Sweet soda: An average can of soft drink has as much as 10 spoonfuls of sugar which comes to a whopping 150 calories. Add to these artificial flavors, sulphites, caffeine and colors, you have a bad combination. Do not for a moment think that diet drinks are any better they have sucralose or aspartame for artificially sweetening the drink which are also harmful. The over consumption of such drinks have shown to be the cause of tooth decay, obesity, heart disease and osteoporosis. Plus the more of these drinks you drink, the less appetite you will have for nourishing and nutritious food.

 Drinking of a 22 ounces glass of soft drink will give you three times the sugar that you are recommended to have a on a daily basis. Imagine the impact that it will have on your blood sugar levels. The pancreas will quickly begin to create insulin reacting to the sugar and this is not good for the body.

Here is a step by step reaction that the body has is in response to you drinking a can of soft drink:

  • In  20 minutes the blood sugar goes up and the liver reacts to the insulin that results by converting the sugar to fat
  • Inside of 40 minutes, the caffeine is absorbed causing dilation of pupils, raise in blood pressure and liver will throw in more sugar into the blood giving rise to blood sugar levels.
  • In three quarters of an hour this provides stimulus to the brain center it reacts the way it would to a narcotic
  • After about 1 hour the blood sugar levels will come crashing down making you reach for another drink or sweet snack

As you can see this is not a good thing to happen. What is more the increase insulin levels can result in laying the foundation for other problems.


Worst foods fries

French Fries along with other commercially fried foods: Potatoes are not known to be that high in terms of health nutrients even when not fried due to their starchiness and the simple sugars, But when they are fried in trans fat and that too at high heat, it can result in many bad things. First of all there is the danger of the carcinogenic element acrylamide. Plus the foods that are cooked in vegetable oils also have the danger of becoming rancid when they are exposed to oxygen. This results in the production of large numbers of free radicals that are harmful to the body. The consumption of foods cooked in such oil can lead to clotting, aging, weight gain, cancer and inflammation.

Fried Chips: Most chips that are available in shops are quite high in trans fat. They may also have ingredients that are genetically engineered. But in recent times there has been a spate of exposure in the media, which has been fortunate for us – the consumers. Many companies are now making the effort to produce these items without trans fats. Still the risks associated with cooking them on high temperatures continues. Nowadays awareness has spread and people are reaching for natural chips. You have to know that when you eat a genetically engineered substance in chip form, it can still be harmful for you even if it does not have trans fat.

Worst foods fried seafood

Seafood that is fried: This type of food is the representation of food that is a culmination of all that is not healthy. Fried clams, shrimps, lobsters, oysters and other non fish have many problems of being full of trans fat and acrylamide. Plus they also have the added danger of mercury. Seafood could be full of mercury that is toxic. Shellfish such as lobsters and shrimps may be also contaminated with resistant viruses and parasites that do not die even when exposed to high heat. These are the scavengers and thereby very bad to be consumed. The seafood that is farmed may be even more harmful than those caught from the wild as they are given antibiotics and synthetic chemicals.