7 Exercises To Round Out Your Butt

Women are always cribbing about not only the size but also the shape of their bums. If you are one of them who feel that a bottom that is fuller and shapelier bum will add to your look, then it is time to change and tweak your exercise routine. These seven steps will give you the bottom that you always longed for.


Taking up steps: While climbing up stairs is great for the shape of your derriere, stepping on to a chair is even more effective due to the increased height. The caution here is to use a chair that is sturdy and will not move about. If you feel that a chair is too high start with a stool or a high step.

  1. Start with standing in front of the chair and put your left foot on the middle of the seat
  2. Step on to the chair and bring up your right knee up
  3. Come back to the floor gently
  4. Do the same with the other leg. This is one set and do about 15-20 repeats.