Essential vitamins for women at every age: From 20s to 60s

When you visit the pharmacy you may find the vitamin section rather confusing. This is because most of us don’t know what vitamins we require at each age. There are so many choices and so many questions leading to a lot of confusion. What should you do about calcium and at what age? When do you need to consume Vitamin D? And so on.

In an ideal world all the nutrients we need should come from the food we eat. But as we all know that this is not the case. The recommendation is that therefore you need to take a multivitamin throughout your life to fill in the nutritional gap and keep you healthy.

Here is the list of nutritional supplements that you should take at each level of life, age wise

When in the 20s and 30s:
  • Calcium: You need to concentrate on ensuring that your bones are good so taking 1000 milligrams of calcium on a daily basis is good from age 18 to 50. In case your diet does not have then you should take a supplement with elemental calcium which is the one your body absorbs.
  •  Vitamin D: The recommendations for Vitamin D are quite confusing with doctor consultation being advised.  The commonly acknowledged standard is taking 1000 IU of vitamin D supplements daily when the sunlight it limited. This may vary depending on age.
  • Folic acid: Women who are in their prime in as far as childbearing goes are recommended to have folic acid daily especially if they are planning on having a baby in the near future. The dosage recommended is about 400 milligrams everyday from the age 14 onwards.
  • Iron: This is again a good thing that is needed by women who are still menstruating. The deficiency of iron happens with women who are pregnant leading to anemia. This could result in feeling tired and weak.  Iron will make red blood cells to carry oxygen and keep the body cells supplied. In case you are pregnant and not getting iron from your diet then you need to eat things that are iron fortified and go for iron supplements on advice from your doctor.