Enhance The Eyesight Naturally – Do These Eye Exercises!


Just ten minutes to spare everyday can make a difference to your eyes. Eyes just like the rest of our body can benefit from proper exercise. Your eyes will gain strength from proper and regular eye exercises that this will result in vision improvement. It is vital to remember to also relax the eyes after you have finished the eye exercises.

Today, many people have come to realize that eye care also includes exercises for the eye, which are good at solving some common eye problems. These include conditions like myopia, near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism, myopia, glaucoma, eye strain, lazy eye and macular degeneration.

Follow the exercises given here regularly and this will help strengthen the muscles of your eye:

  1. First step is to remove contacts or glasses. Then seat yourself in a comfortable chair or on the floor in a comfortable pose.
  2. Bring your hands together (they should be clean) and rub them together. This will warm them up. Relax your body with a couple of cleansing breaths.
  3. Close the eyes and place the warmed hands on the eyes. Hold this position for a couple of minutes.
  4. Now slowly open the eyes for a few seconds while breathing deeply. Repeat this process five times.
  5. Use the tips of your fingers to massage the area near the eyes. You could do this without applying anything, but the use of almond oil or any aromatherapy oil of your choice is also good
  6. Continue massaging the area in circles for about 3 times. Now put 2 fingers and very slowly and gently press on the upper eyelid for a few seconds. Do this a couple of times