Eight Exercises to Reduce Chin Fat

Chin is one of the most fat prone areas of a body. Fat gets accumulated in this area very easily resulting in a double size of your chin. Actually chin fats makes you look very ugly in that sense. Also you will face very uncomfortable. It is one of the areas of our body which remains exposed, so you should be very careful towards that. You will see that none of the dresses you wear are going with your body, your hair style will look odd and this all because of chin fat. So you should start working out from today. Here are some amazing exercises that will take you through the right process to put down all the extra fats.

Exercises to Reduce Chin Fat

Neck Roll: This is an essential exercise for chin fat. It also works well in case of shoulder or neck pain. It stretches the muscles of neck, jaw and throat resulting in burning a lot of fat. Sit straight and then turn your head right and touch the shoulder with your chin while inhaling at the same time. Now slowly release your breath and turn your head downwards till your chin touches the chest. Repeat this from opposite side. You should try the full procedure for 15-20 times.
Exercises to reduce chin fat 1
Chin Lift: The chin lift exercise is one of the easiest exercises here. Sit straight and lean your head backwards as much as you can. Now slowly stretch your lips like you are going to kiss the ceiling. Hold in that position for 5-8 seconds and then return to the start position. Repeat this for 10-15 times as it helps to stretch your neck and throat muscles.
Exercises to reduce chin fat2
Platysma Exercise: Platysma exercise is slightly tough exercise but you can do that if you try it. Sit straight with erected spine. Now stretch your lips widely and put the corners downward. Now you’re your mouth slightly. You will see that the tendons of your jaws has become stiff and coming out. Slowly wiggle your lower and upper jaw. Try this out for 10-15 minutes.
Exercises to reduce chin fat3
Chin Slap: You can do this simple exercise any time you want. Slap gently on your under your chin with the back of your palm. Slowly increase the speed of slapping. Do this for 10 minutes 2-3 times a day.
Exercises to reduce chin fat4
Side neck stretch: A very useful exercise. Sit on a floor straight and keep the left hand resting on the floor about one foot away from your hip. Now slowly put the right hand above your head and touch the left ear. Tilt your head to the arm. Now keep your left hand on your left arm and put a gentle force on the right arm with your head. Hold the position for 20 seconds and then again repeat it from first. Try to do it 10 times daily.
Exercises to reduce chin fat5
Stick out tongue: Sit in a relaxed position and open your mouth as wide as you can. Now roll out your full tongue outside to touch the chin. At first you will face a problem to touch the chin but after a lot of practice it will be smooth. This exercise is very practical and gives a good result.
Exercises to reduce chin fat6
Jaw release: Sit or stand straight with erected spine. Close your mouth and move your jaws up and down like you are chewing something. While doing this take a deep breath and then exhale with your nose. After you have released the whole breath, open your mouth wide with the tongue attached to the bottom teeth. Now again take a deep breath and then exhale in this mouth opened position. Repeat this for 5 times a day.
Exercises to reduce chin fat7
Head lifts: Lie straight on floor and take a deep breath. Now slowly lift your head up from the jaw and slowly towards the chest. Hold in that position for 5 seconds and release the breath while returning back to the head resting position. Repeat the same process for 5 times daily.
Exercises to reduce chin fat8