Magical Avocado Mask to Repair Damaged Hair

When nature was forming us humans, it gave us different types of skin as well as different types of hair along with other things like features, body types, eye colors etc. In this article, we will look at different types of hair or actually something that will help hair that has been damaged. You definitely have to consider that different types of hair need different types of care.

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The first thing that you have to understand about this mask is that it is specifically meant for damage hair and it can be made right at home. This mask will work well on hair that is dry and brittle. If you are having hair that is not shiny and snaps at when handled then this mask will work.

You will find that the ingredients that go into making this mask are not that exotic and can be found right at home. However, do consider that avocados may be sometimes difficult to get your hands on, but with a little persistent shopping you will get it.

avocado mask for hair

Here We Give You The Proportions For Making The Mask That Is Enough For Hair That Is Up To Shoulder Length.

Avocado: For making this mask you will need an avocado that is overly ripe. Avocado is really good for hair due to the qualities it has of locking in moisture. It additionally provides nourishment and plenty of nutrients. You need to have as much as 2 cups of avocado that has been mashed to put this mask for damaged hair together.

tomato pulp for hair

Tomato: The pulp of a tomato that is ripe is very good for putting the PH balance of your hair back to rights. The juice along with pulp of one tomato of medium size is what we are looking for here.

soybean oil for hair

Soy Bean Oil: This is something that you will get at most stores and will need about quarter of a cup for this damaged hair mask.

extra virgin olive oil for hair

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Again something that is easily available but maybe a bit expensive. You will need about half cup.


Mayonnaise: To put together this mask, you will also need about two full teaspoons of mayonnaise. Mayo happens to be very good for hair as it moisturizes and the protein in the eggs add to the mixture.

How to prepare and use the mask:

Simply mix all the ingredients mentioned above in a bowl to form a thick paste.

Apply this mix to your hair. Ensure that the hair is completely covered and also increase the ingredients in proportion in case your hair is longer.

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Now pull the hair up and cover with a plastic cap

Leave the mixture on in your hair for about half an hour.

Once the time has elapsed, wash the hair out with running water that is not hot.

If you want you can do away with shampoo to rinse off this mask.

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Instead rinse about five or six tablespoons of honey mixed with a mug full of water

Once done, avoid drying the hair too aggressively with the towel

Instead gently towel dry the hair.

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Let us take a look at how the ingredients in the mask will benefit your hair:

Avocado will add moisture to the hair, smooth it and the addition of vitamins a, b, c, d, e along with amino acids, folic acid, magnesium, protein, copper and iron.

Tomato tends to make dull hair shinier, helps prevent itchy scalp and it also helps in keeping dandruff away.

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Soy bean oil moisturizes the hair, strengthens the hair and also adds shine to the tresses. It also tends to help the hair improve and become smoother/

Mayonnaise helps in adding moisture, strength as well as shine.

Olive oil is good for keeping the fizz down, keeps dandruff away and also keeps split ends away along with providing moisture.

To be effective, you need to use this mask about two times a week. It will take some time before you can feel the benefits of using this mask.