10 Black Mold Health Risks and Effects

Black mold is very common for the places where the relative humidity is above 50%. Black mold is greenish black fungi found almost worldwide. Normally it grows in materials which are high in cellulose such as straw, dry wall, wet leaves, Carpets, wall papers, fiber board etc. Black molds are actually wet in nature and afterwards it gets dry. It is very toxic in nature and has a lot of risky health effects. It can cause major health issues and even death. The scientific name of Black Mold is Stachybotrys Chartarum. It has almost 15 sub species all around the world. As most of the fungus doesn’t grow on plastic or fiber materials, Black Mold also has the same characteristics. Actually the fungus which produces Mycotoxins are called toxic Funguses. This Mycotoxin is very toxic to the humans and animals. As a result it affects human in many ways. We will be discussing in this article about the health effects caused by Black Mold.

Black Mold Health Risks and Effects:

1. Skin Allergies: Various types of moles, mainly Dermatophytes cause skin allergies in many people. It acts as allergens and in both growing mold and mold spores cause skin allergies. Peoples with sensitive skins suffer from this type of allergies.
health risks and effects of Black mold1
2. Other Allergies: Other than skin allergies mold reacts with various other types of allergies also. It results in some serious symptoms like coughing, sneezing, red eye, running nose and even tears. It irritates resulting in various types of strange allergic symptoms.
health risks and effects of Black mold2
3. Diarrhea: If Black molds by any chance get eaten by mistake it may result in some serious type of diarrhea. Sometimes it also leads to death if not treated properly. In such it is suggested to immediately consult with a doctor and arrange for some urgent remedial measures.
health risks and effects of Black mold3
4. Cancer: Be quiet careful as Black mold can also lead to cancer. Some species of Black mold and one of the most common Black molds, Aflatoxin is so dangerous that it can cause cancer in human. So always be quiet aware of Black molds as it will be quiet tough for you to identify a particular black mold as they are microscopic beings.
health risks and effects of Black mold4
5. Pulmonary Diseases: In some case studies it is seen that Mycotoxin, an important element of Black mold results in serious pulmonary diseases. Especially infants and small children get attacked with pulmonary hemorrhage later resulting in death.
health risks and effects of Black mold4
6. Asthmatic Problems: If the spores of Black mold get inhaled it can cause severe asthmatic symptoms and respiratory problems. Sometimes it is also seen in some serious cases that it causes bronchitis and even pneumonia.
Man with Asthma
7. Immune System Suppression: Black Moles causes infections all over the body by destroying the human immune system. The main symptoms in such cases are frequent allergic infections all over the body with serious conditions.
health risks and effects of Black mold7
8. Chronic Fatigue: It is also one of the major symptoms of Black mold exposure. As I said earlier that Mycotoxin produced by Black mold is the main harmful substance. Sometimes if the mycotoxin is inhaled or goes to the stomach in some way the patient may suffer from chronic fatigue.
health risks and effects of Black mold8
9. Headache: By the inhalation of mycotoxin sometimes severe headache occurs and even patients of sinus congestion will suffer from sinus pain. Sometimes high fever is also seen in some patients.
Man having a headache at home
10. Hair Loss: In some cases, if black mold get exposure in hairy regions. It may result in hair fall from the root. It weakens the hair root and as a result the hair falls easily.
health risks and effects of Black mold10
There are various other symptoms caused by the Black mold. Although it is hard to mention all the names but some of them are Flu, sore throats, psychological depression, nose bleeding and dermatitis. Always be careful of Black Molds otherwise it can make serious hazard in some cases.