5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Manpower

A man today has to bring the best game he has to the dating arena. Today women are as picky as men were in earlier days when it comes to a man in their lives. After all women make a lot of efforts at grooming and fitness to ensure that they look good. Then when should men not do the same thing to increase their manpower?

The answer is they should and not only for the sake of the women in their life but also for their own self esteem. Having said that let us look at what are the ways in which a man can boost his manpower. Most men may not know this but a shortage of testosterone can really harm you and even cost you the very life you hold so precious.

Not only will the lack of testosterone affect your muscle mass, bone density and bring you drive for sex down, research has pointed out that it creates other problems. These include heart disease, prostate cancer and even are the cause of death. So increasing your manpower is good for your social life as well as the state of your health.

  • Let those abs show through: As the size of the waist tends to expand, it automatically pushes the level of your testosterone down. The truth is that an increase of 4 points in your body mass index which comes to around 14 kgs on a guy who is at 5 feet 10 inches of height can speed up the decline that you face due to age.  Simply concentrate on a diet that will help you tone your abdomens along with a good exercise program and you will see the difference in your manpower.